This site is both for my adventures of buying a home in Sicily and for samples of my novels, novellas, movie scripts, short stories and newspaper columns.


In March, 2016 I bought a home in Sicily.

 I wanted to experience the culture and lifestyle of living in a small Italian town where everyone knows everyone else. That's what I was looking for and that's what I found. I researched for over a year and bought my home sight unseen, except for a video. I learned a lot in the process and I am happy to share that with others. My new house is in the jewel of Sicily, a little mountain town called, Bisacquino

On this site you can read my story in THE DREAM about the entire process from idea to signed deed.

Also, in THE SICILIAN LIFE, I post stories of what its like for an American to live in such a beautiful, serene place like Bisacquino. Check them out.

In the VIDEO section you can watch, you guessed it, (You're smart), videos. Some of my music videos concerning Bisacquino, Sicily and Italy. 

I have visited several times since 2016 and sometime soon I will be moving and spending 6 to 9 months a year there. Every day is an adventure and I have many stories to tell and lots of pictures and videos to share.

For those that are interested in living the dream as I did or just vacationing in Sicily, I have a link to my real estate agent, Betty on this page as well as her agency. I recommend contacting Betty first and let her know you found her link on this site.

Also, I have a link to Casa Vacanze Prezioso in Bisacquino, the perfect spot to use as home base for your vacation in Sicily. Vincenzo has the perfect place to stay on your Sicilian vacation.

You will find a link to a brilliant Photographer and Artist, Loredana Plaia who has allowed me to use some of her incredible photos. Please visit her site and check out her work.

Check out the link for local Bisacquino Ceramic Artist Maurizio Gannuscio. He has many beautiful projects on display.

I also have a link to a site that sells a couple Ebooks of mine. The Smile Factor is a collection of over a hundred humorous/inspirational columns that I wrote for newspapers each week for almost eight years. 

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This is a song I wrote to honor my new home town and its beautiful people.