Jim Perkins

I'm Jim Perkins, also known as Perk. I have been a life long singer/songwriter and musician. I have entertained in music shows and traveled the country with my band. I have written and recorded many songs over the years and music has always been a part of my life.

Writing is another passion of mine and I have many published magazine articles. Writing has led me to author a couple novels, novellas and short story collections. For almost 8 years I wrote a weekly, humorous newspaper column called, The Smile Factor. A collection of over one hundred of the columns are available as an Ebook under the LINKS section on this site.

For much of my life I have also practiced and taught Kenpo Karate. Music and the martial arts seem to go hand in hand as there is a similar aspect in the training and focus needed for both. I have a great passion for both and I feel fortunate these 2 paths have led me to meet some amazing people over the years.

I visited Italy in 2011 and fell in love with the laid back lifestyle, culture, food, wine and people. The crowds in the famous tourist areas are not my favorite part of Italy. As a thought of buying a home and retiring in such a beautiful country seeped into my brain I wondered if I could find a place away from the crowds of tourist and big cities. And I did.