Sophia and Me


   The only thing I imagined that could make this moment sweeter was if Sophia Loren, my all time dream girl, was sitting next to me in the cheap, white, plastic patio chair, my hand resting tenderly on her bare knee.


Something in the Mountain Air


    There was an elderly man with a cane standing at my open front door, yelling it appeared, to someone inside my house. I couldn't imagine who he was yelling at in my house or why. His voice sounded a little distressed as I finally made out what he was saying."Mama...Mama....Mama?"


Always Say SI




A Day in Bisacquino

One warm July afternoon my buddy Giovanni and I were in the Piazza Triona, the main piazza in Bisacquino. We were each drinking a Becks beer and having a discussion. I don’t remember the topic, but I’m sure it was in reference to how we can make the world a better place to live. (Sarcasm) ..... (pics)


St Joseph's Feast Day


St. Joseph's feast day in Bisacquino... (with Pics)