St Joseph's Feast Day



This week the Catholic Church celebrated the feast day of St Joseph, step-father of Our Lord Jesus. The church honors Joseph as he was so very important in the plan for Jesus' earthly presence in the flesh and the salvation of mankind. And although the day is celebrated in our churches and among our Christians in the USA, in Sicily they REALLY celebrate it and honor this saint as he deserves.


My dear friend Betty sent me some photos and explained how they celebrate in Bisacquino. In the church of Saint Anthony and the church of Saint Rosario as well as the Catholic Center in the Piazza Triona and the Center for the Disabled, they erect votive alters.


St. Rosario bell tower

Many participate in setting up these large, beautiful alters, including the children. The alters are covered with food, mainly bread, which is in many forms. There is a lot of work that goes into preparing so much bread as well as the alters.


Then Father Spata assisted by Deacon Bacile, blessed the bread on all of the alters and the bread is distributed to the citizens.

What a wonderful tradition of faith and another reason, as a Catholic, I long to be in Bisacquino. Bella Bisacquino.